What is Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. It will take the shape of a baobab tree, with spiraling staircases leading up to a viking ship resting at the top. With the trunk being 16 meters in diameter you can start to imagine a large space in the middle of the tree.

The three roots are 6 meters tall next to the trunk and make up for some amazing potential spaces, not to mention the playful myths about the creatures that live there. According to the saga Yggdrasil was an ash tree. We will build the tree in South Africa and therefore we have transformed Yggdrasil into a giant baobab tree. During the event Yggdrasil will be burnt back to ash.


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The Desert Build

We are imagining a magnificent village, an oasis the fuels …

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It has been designed that it cannot be complete…

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Our exploration of concepts as we embark on the build of…

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The Story & Philosophy

Yggdrasil becomes a large-scale exponential and collaborative…

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All the Lovely People

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Tree of Wonder

The making of Yggdrasil, Tree of Wonder…

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LungA Art Festival is an annual art and music festival…

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Imagine and permanent Yggdrasil in Sweden…

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About Dream Yggdrasil

Dream Yggdrasil is a non-profit organisation that provides a platform for cross cultural interaction of many ages and abilities. Our designs are specifically aimed at evoking passion and consequently adapt to include and accommodate children or adults that feel the need to contribute in any way or form.

The idea of this project was born at AfrikaBurn in April 2016. Since then the project has grown to more than 150 contributors from more than 20 different countries.

Dream Yggdrasil is supported by AfrikaBurn and Kulturbryggan.

About Kulturbryggan

Kulturbryggan‘s mission is to promote innovation and development in the cultural sphere across the country on the basis of the national cultural policy objectives. Furthermore Kulturbryggan is meant to be an alternative for the project holder, a place to which to turn when your project does not fit in with other public funding bodies’ forms of aid and risk falling between the cracks. This makes Kulturbryggan considered as a complement to other public grant allocation.