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What is the intention of Project Alda?

To start a community in a forest in Sweden centered around a large-scale artwork, called Odin’s Eye.

We are growing an exponential community of solutionists, imagineers, creators, philosophers, designers, builders, writers, entrepreneurs who actively choose to step into and exist in the unknown so as to discover, inspire and instigate new ways to initiate positive change. This space/forest becomes a collection of effervescent dreams lived out in a co-created community on land we own together.

Project Alda consists of three elements; The Land; The Artwork (Odin’s Eye) and The Community.

The design of  Odin’s Eye is focussed on building beyond 1000 years. This perspective of time ties deeply into the land it will be built on; the community that will build and live with it and the legends that this entanglement will create. Over time each element splits into multiple components of which requires a variety of passions. We will have a series of doors and gateways you can choose to open as the project evolves, allowing you to participate further.

Thinking of becoming a part of this project?

People looking to join this project should look deep into their hearts and consider what they are prepared to do to bring their wildest dreams to life. It is with this passion as fuel and belief in the fellow human that we can co-create outrageously wonderful lives whose bounty is an abundance of outstanding solutions.

Project Alda - Land

We are currently speaking to municipalities about land and what their intentions are with land they have.

We are developing the first draft of the three year plan. 

Got any ideas? Contact us immediately!

Project Alda - Odin's Eye

Odin is a norse God who traded his eye for wisdom.

Odin’s Eye is a large-scale land artwork in Sweden that can be seen from Google Earth and will last for over a thousand years.

In the centre of Odin’s Eye is the Tree of Wisdom; a hub for experiential, exponential learning and understanding.

Project Alda - Community

This is an inspired community of doers living their dreams?

We believe in seeing the world as it is and then imagining and living it different.

Everything is changing including us; the way we relate and grow together adapts continuously.

The Rainbow Forest is a combination of components, smaller projects, coming together to create a greater vision – planting a forest of 10000 trees near Cape Town in South Africa that is an organic sculpture garden and home to the Imagination School.

Trees are planted by buying art and; a community and conversation is started by building a collaborative sculptural forest.

We currently looking for a special piece of land that we can rehabilitate and call home to the Rainbow Forest.

For now, you can get involved by buying art – to say you were here at the beginning!

The Story & Philosophy

Yggdrasil becomes a large-scale exponential and collaborative…

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Yggdrasil. The Tree of Life.

For two months a family lived in the desert creating their dreams.

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Our exploration of concepts as we embark on the build of…

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Tree of Wonder

The making of Yggdrasil, Tree of Wonder…

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LungA Festival Iceland

LungA Art Festival is an annual art and music festival…

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Art - 100 Trees 2016

These are the first family of Trees drawn to support artists on the road.

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Dream Yggdrasil designs and creates large-scale art.

Each artwork instigates and grows passionate communities.

Each community enables and requires people to live their passion.

Dream Yggdrasil is a non-profit organisation that provides a platform for cross cultural interaction of many ages and abilities. Our designs are specifically aimed at evoking passion and consequently adapt to include and accommodate children and adults that feel the need to contribute in any way or form.

The concept of the organisation was born at AfrikaBurn in April 2016. Since then the project has grown to more than 150 contributors from more than 20 different countries.

Dream Yggdrasil has been supported by AfrikaBurn; Kulturbryggan and private contributors. Project Alda has received financial backing from Kulturbryggan for 2018.

About Kulturbryggan

Kulturbryggan‘s mission is to promote innovation and development in the cultural sphere across the country on the basis of the national cultural policy objectives. Furthermore Kulturbryggan is meant to be an alternative for the project holder, a place to which to turn when your project does not fit in with other public funding bodies’ forms of aid and risk falling between the cracks. This makes Kulturbryggan considered as a complement to other public grant allocation.