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In December 2016 we put a call out for artists to investigate the concepts of ‘The Tree of Life’; the legends of Yggdrasil; the science of growth of the baobab for an exhibition at Youngblood Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

This gave artists an opportunity to experiment without the pressure of delivering a whole exhibition while significantly elaborating on a wide range of perspectives for these complex concepts. Dream Yggdrasil provided the platform for artists to expose their skills and passions while contributing to a greater understanding of the work of the project.

This also provided a clear visual and philosophical communication about the project’s intentions leading into the build of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. Shortly after the exhibition the first set of people went into the desert to start the two months of bringing this tree to life. 

Dream Yggdrasil recognises this as valuable collaborative space to develop as a part of the process for any project.