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The Desert Build

We are imagining a magnificent village, an oasis the fuels our creative souls as we build. We already have chefs designing menus and sourcing local and mostly organic food.

We have even started growing our own fresh herbs and making our own jams and pickles. We want to make this experience as sustainable as possible, boosting the industries we believe in.

We want our village to be as hand made and inspiringly crafted possible. We are looking for ingenious designs that will make our lives as efficient, effective and celebratory as possible.

We are also looking for kitchen utensils that you have had enough of. We would prefer to have something you have used rather than buy new.

For those of us that will be out there for 6 weeks the days will be long and the weekend warriors will be the energy injection we need to keep us inspired. For those coming out on the weekends bring and abundance of love, sweet surprises and your grey matter for problem solving.

We will be heading out to set up camp, home, on the 27th February. Building will start on the 6th of March. And then we truly start to play!