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The Story & Philosophy

The facts:

2000 – On a run around the Serpentine, London, Nix Davies has an idea of building a giant baobab somewhere in Europe to represent the feeling of being uprooted from Africa. She also has a distinct notion that it will take 15 years before this idea will be realized.

 2000 – 2009 Nix draws and investigates the baobab talking incessantly about it.

2009 – 2015 Nix decides to live in Cape Town, meets the Space Cowboys and starts to build collaborative projects at Afrikaburn.

2015 – Nix decides to start working towards building the baobab, which now has an arc at the top of it lying in its branches.

2016 – Nix embarks on a giant golden X at Afrikaburn, reaches out for help in the newsletter and on the 17th March gets an email from Agust örn Helgason.

Afrikaburn 2016 – Agust and Nix decide to build a giant tree together.

May 2016 – The tree become Yggdrasil and has a viking ship in its branches.

May 2016 – September Agust and Nix start to bring the tree to life.

August 2016 – Agust applies for funding through a few different channels in Sweden.

September 2016 – Agust organises to build the Tree of Wonder for the 25th Anniversary for the Kaos Pilots. Nix flies to Denmark to join him and Leon Högberg joins them with all his tools. They build the Tree of Wonder.

November 2016 – Kulturbryggan message Agust to say the funding application has been successful. The same day Afrikaburn agree to support Yggdrasil, Tree of Life with R100 000 with another possibility of R200 000. Dreams come true when people back crazy ideas.

2017 – The family begins to grow.

Yggdrasil becomes a large-scale exponential collaborative platform that instigates and ignites people’s dreams and in-turn together grow The Tree of Life.